An environment created in Unreal Engine 4
I started to create this environment to fill up the background of my archviz projects in Unreal Engine. It's basically a new residential area at the countryside of my city. I've used satellite data to be precise on textures and topology. It's a 5 square kilometers scenario.
After every oficial archviz project, I take my time to work a little bit more on that background environment. Adding details, new types of foliage, new light conditions and meanwhile improving my skills with Unreal Engine. I've added an abandoned place on this one just for fun and to study about texturing and materials
It's very hard to reproduce realistic grass in real-time engines. I've spent too much time trying to perfect those, and I can't say I'm totally happy with the results yet... I'll probably keep working on that grass forever.
I love to experiment different skies in my projects. It's so cool to see how the sky can change everything and everyone's mood
detailed light, simply light and wireframe views