Modern Barn
This sandbox for UE4 studies started with an archviz project. After delivering it to the client I kept working on it to practice and develop new techniques. An area of 10km² was created based on real terrain elevation data. 100m radius around the house is detailed enough for closeups. I've made a couple of foliage assets from scratch in SpeedTree specifically for this project (Plinia cauliflora, some bushes and grass clusters). Initially the project wasn't intended for smooth real-time experience. But later I decided to submit it to the CG Architect Award and then I optimized it to run at 30fps 1440p on a GTX1070.

You can watch the real-time captured video here: 

More info about how the project: 
House architectural project: Luciana Bernasconi & Mila Ricetti

the roads are made with Landscape Splines tool. I've manually scattered grass and debris with Foliage Tool to blend them with the environment
short video showing one of the main characters of the project - Plinia cauliflora (the brazilian grapetree or "jabuticabeira"). It was modeled from scratch in SpeedTree with some Megascans leaf textures.
the lawn was created with Foliage Tool and a simple cluster of planes scattered all over. The material does the magic with color and size variation
a video exploring the environment around the house
final footage focused on the modern barn